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Fullscreen Media reimagines HR + IT with BetterCloud

Fullscreen Media’s growth was plagued by miscommunication between HR and IT. New hires would sometimes show up at the door of the IT room with no warning; lengthy onboarding processes reflected badly on the company and left some new employees unprepared. In addition, a lack of visibility into departing employees and offboarding processes was creating waste in the form of money spent on unused licenses.


  • Rebuilt the relationship between HR and IT using BetterCloud, Namely, and a bit of ingenuity
  • Updated groups and user profiles using BetterCloud’s bulk update functionality
  • Replaced manual onboarding processes with BetterCloud’s automated workflows, ensuring new hires were placed in the right groups and channels
  • Replaced manual offboarding processes with BetterCloud’s automated workflows, deprovisioned stale accounts, and reallocated unused licenses


  • Saved $100,000 in license costs
  • Reduced onboarding time per user by 33%
  • Decreased the number of internal IT tickets by 90%

Use Cases

Application configuration
Least privilege access
User lifecycle management
Visibility & auditability


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