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Companies have transitioned to remote work in record time, posing new challenges for IT and end users. As you develop new ways to enable and secure your digital workplace, our customer success, support, and services teams are here to help.

Jump on our new Weekly Workshops and learn how to leverage key integrations, workflows, and auditing capabilities with BetterCloud. For more one-on-one guidance, our Expert Advisory Group is also offering office hours. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to schedule a complimentary 60-minute consultation with an implementation specialist who can answer questions specific to your BetterCloud environment.

Installing and Using Zoom within BetterCloud

In this 30 minute workshop, our Expert Advisory Group will walk you through the capabilities of our Zoom integration including use cases related to automating Onboarding and Offboarding employees. 

Topics include:

  • Installing Zoom in BetterCloud 

  • Zoom Actions Overview 

  • Incorporating Zoom Actions within your Onboarding and Offboarding Workflows

Automating Group Management through BetterCloud

In this 30 minute workshop, our Expert Advisory Group will explain how you can enable your remote employees with access to additional Groups, which will help foster communication and ensure teams are able to work together seamlessly. 

Topics include:

  • Adding multiple users to a Group via the Users Grid 

  • Creating a Workflow with only THEN actions to add Users to multiple Groups across SaaS Apps

  • Have a Group Add trigger a Workflow to take downstream actions in multiple SaaS Apps

Auditing File Sharing Across your SaaS Apps with BetterCloud

In this 30 minute workshop, our Expert Advisory Group will cover how to audit file permissions for common SaaS tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive/SharePoint. 

Topics include:

  • Using the Files Grid Metadata to sort for permissions and shared with 

  • How to filter the Files Grid to investigate some common security scenarios such as looking for public files, files shared with, and more.

  • For our Pro Customers, how to run targeted content scans for sensitive information types within documents.

Installing and Using JAMF Within BetterCloud

In this 30 minute workshop, our Expert Advisory Group will walk you through how to install the JAMF integration, as well as use cases for onboarding and offboarding. 

Topics include:

  • Installing JAMF within BetterCloud 

  • JAMF actions overview 

  • Incorporating JAMF actions into your Onboarding and Offboarding workflows

Solutioning a Second Slack Instance

In this 30 minute workshop, our Expert Advisory Group will walk you through how to set up a second instance of Slack, which may be used to ensure internal teams are working with clients, contractors and prospects in the most seamless way possible. 

Topics include:

  • Why would need a second instance of Slack for your organization 

  • How to automatically add existing users to the additional Slack instance 

  • How to automate additions to the additional Slack instance upon onboarding (or remove upon offboarding).

Featured Presenters

David Politis

Founder & CEO at BetterCloud

Implementation Specialist 

Devin Domingo

Dan Gualtieri

Technical Lead | Customer Training and Enablement BetterCloud 

Strategic Account Manager at BetterCloud

Jesse Finkelstein

Shawn Carney

Director of Engineering, IT & Compliance at Etsy

The School of SaaSOps: A Five-part Crash Course on the SaaSOps Movement

In today’s digital workplace, employees are empowered to stay engaged and productive–thanks to SaaS. IT makes it all possible by employing SaaSOps–a practice referring to how SaaS applications are managed and secured through centralized and automated operations.

The School of SaaSOps is an educational webinar series designed to teach you what you need to know about SaaSOps and give you tips from the companies who are doing it best.

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Rose Layton

Strategic Technology Partner at Strada Education Network

Marques Stewart

Senior Director, Network & SaaS Operations at Achievement First

Jesus Ward

Director of IT at Superfly

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30-minute weekly workshops to optimize your BetterCloud experience. 

Schedule Your BetterCloud Office Hours

During this 60 minute session, our Integrations Practice Engineer will provide guidance and answer questions regarding the BetterCloud API and/or Custom Integrations. Please note this session is limited to demonstration, concept overview, review of customer code, and general API questions.

Custom Integrations Office Hours


During this 60 minute session, our EAG Implementation Specialist will be available to provide guidance and answer specific questions unique to your BetterCloud environment, excluding Custom Integrations and/or the BetterCloud API.

BetterCloud Platform Office Hours






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How to Trigger Actions and Workflows via the BetterCloud API

In this 30 minute workshop, our Expert Advisory Group Engineers will demonstrate how to trigger actions and workflows via the BetterCloud API. **Note: Enterprise Plus or an API SKU is required

Topics include:

  • When this might be useful 

  • Getting workflow details 

  • Triggering workflows via Postman

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Installing and Using OneLogin Within BetterCloud

In this 30 minute workshop, our Expert Advisory Group will wake you through how to install the OneLogin integration, demonstrate our integration's available actions, alerts, and assets, as well as demo sample workflows you can build for offboarding and onboarding.

Topics include:

  • Installing OneLogin within BetterCloud 

  • Actions, Alerts, and Assets Overview 

  • Using OneLogin in your Offboarding and Onboarding Workflows

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Using Activity-Based Alerts to Monitor Sensitive Accounts

In this 30 minute workshop, our Expert Advisory Group will demonstrate how to monitor sensitive accounts, such as service accounts and c-suite users, using alerts and workflows.  ***Note that a BetterCloud Pro or higher SKU is required

Topics include:

  • Overview of our Alerts Manager 

  • Create Alerts to manage your sensitive user accounts such as service accounts and c-suite accounts 

  • Create Alerts to alert on failed logins within a threshold periods

  • Build Workflows to notify of the above events as well as options to take automated actions

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Utilizing Wait for Approval

In this 30 minute worksop, our Expert Advisory Group will demonstrate how customers have used  Wait for Approval to add logic within THEN statements, take tasks off IT's plate and empower others to make decisions that impact automation.

Topics include:

  • Intro Wait for Approval 

  • Use Case for Onboarding 

  • Use Case for Offboarding

  • Use Case for License Management