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Middlesex Health secures their environment with BetterCloud


Because patient privacy depends on HIPAA compliance, healthcare organizations are bolstering their data protection strategies to meet regulatory requirements and secure sensitive health information. The IT team is responsible for Middlesex Health, which has one hospital, three external emergency departments, and three urgent care centers.


  • Using BetterCloud, Middlesex Health was able to resolve a data breach by removing email forwarding rules, resetting everyone’s passwords, and securing the environment
  • Instead of manually offboarding users, they implemented BetterCloud’s offboarding policy for a more accurate and secure process
  • Implemented BetterCloud’s policies to have better control over their environment


  • Improved time efficiency, data accuracy, and security
  • Middlesex Health was able to track what exactly led to the breach with BetterCloud’s deep insights and analytics
  • With BetterCloud, they have been able to whittle down the number of super admins on their domain from 12 to two

Use Cases

Incident response
Least privilege access
User lifecycle management
Visibility & auditability


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