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Five things Admins can’t do in Google Workspace™

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Even though Google Workspace™ remains a top choice for companies to collaborate and communicate with one another internally and externally, it can become increasingly difficult to scale as your business goes through changes.

In this on-demand webinar, BetterClouders Devin Domingo, Sr. Solutions Engineer, and Vanessa Sorenson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, explore the limitations of automating and securing your Google Workspace™ environment, and discuss the five things you can do with BetterCloud to help manage your Google applications that you can’t achieve with Google today.

During this webinar you’ll learn how BetterCloud for Google Workspace™ empowers IT teams to automate and take action on potential risks stemming from user compliance, better enforce organizational policies, maintain business continuity, and help save time scaling your organization with:

  • Streamlined My Drive Management — Locate and manage permissions of My Drive files or folders easier when change of ownership happens within your organization
  • Automated Gmail™ Controls — Managing delegates, email forwarding, or auto replies for employees that may have a leave of absence
  • Automated Onboarding and Offboarding — Easily create automated workflows of manual tasks for planned or unplanned organizational changes to your business across Google and other SaaS applications
  • Helpdesk Segmentation — Set your own custom access rules based on access level to control what individuals or teams have access to your Google Workspace™ environment
  • Gmail™ Signature Management — Plug and play different Google attributes in an email signature to publish and control email signatures across your business

To learn more and receive a personalized demo of how BetterCloud can save your IT team time managing your Google Workspace™ and other SaaS applications please fill out our demo request form.

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