Secure Your Data: Where to Start When There Are 1 Million Threats

Sensitive data is sprawled far and wide across multiple applications. End users can accidentally access (and share) data inappropriately. Data can be exposed in ways IT didn’t even realize were possible.

But how do you start securing data when there are so many potential threats?

We recently surveyed 1,500+ modern IT pros to discover their #1 concern about managing and securing SaaS applications. In this webinar, BetterCloud founder and CEO David Politis will help attendees make sense of the wide range of SaaS security threats and explain which areas IT should focus on first.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Which security threats are most critical, and which are less important
  • The consequences of ignoring these threats
  • Immediate steps you can take to secure your SaaS data today

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David Politis

Founder and CEO, BetterCloud

David Politis is the founder and CEO of BetterCloud, the first-ever SaaS Application Management and Security Platform. David’s entire career has been dedicated to improving the modern workplace through innovative, next-generation cloud (SaaS) technology. His extensive industry experience and thought leadership give him unique foresight into the future of cloud management and security.