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Video Case Study: Relay Foods Relies on BetterCloud


March 4, 2015

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YouTube video

Since its founding in 2009, Relay Foods has combined two things that rarely go hand in hand: online shopping and locally sourced food. If you live in the DC Metro area, you can browse their site for eggs (chicken, quail, or duck, from a farm of your choice), crab cakes (original recipe or “all-natural”), or kale (more kinds than you knew existed). Then you go get it from a pickup point nearby.

For a company like Relay Foods, which has more than 200 employees involved in logistics, customer service, web development, and marketing over a wide geographical area, Google Apps is a critical tool for keeping everyone coordinated and collaborating. But like many Google Apps administrators, Relay Foods’ VP of IT, Kase Luzar, soon ran into a key functionality gap: There was no feature to share contacts between employees.

His contact at Google referred him to BetterCloud. His users were able to retire the out-of-date, mistake-prone spreadsheet they’d been using in favor of BetterCloud’s shared contacts, which let employees find what they needed in under 20 seconds. Other features soon became indispensable for Kase and his team:

To hear how Kase uses BetterCloud to do his job more efficiently, check out the video above.