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Use OneDrive as Your Default Auto-Recover Location for Office Files

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If you use OneDrive for Business in conjunction with Office Online programs, you know the drill–files are automatically saved in ODfB with no need to worry about what happens if your application crashes or your computer automatically turns off.

Office 2013/2016 users aren’t so lucky, or at least don’t have the same built-in convenience. Of course, you can always save to OneDrive for Business and sync your local files with OneDrive for Business, but what happens if your application crashes or you have a computer issue that causes you to lose a file you’re working on?

Office 2013/2016 has a built-in auto-recover feature, but you can make OneDrive work even harder for you by changing the default auto-recover location to OneDrive for Business. The instructions are in the video above, and can also be found in the instructions below:

  1. From your FILE tab, go to Options.
  2. Select the Save tab.
  3. In the Save documents section, locate the AutoRecover file location. Click Browse…
  4. Select your OneDrive for Business folder.
  5. Click OK.

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