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Use this Awesome Tool to Take Notes While Watching Videos

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Here’s an awesome and easy way to take notes while watching videos. lets you watch any video and take notes side by side on the same screen. It also automatically syncs your notes and video. Plus, your notes are stored in Google Drive for easy access and sharing. 

  • Head to Click Connect with Google Drive. This will connect the service to your Google account so that all of your notes will save right to your Google Drive.



  • Enter in the URL of a video that you want to take notes on, and hit Load video. 
  • Now you can start taking notes in the space right next to the video. You’ll see that each note comes with a timestamp so that you can see where exactly in the video your note is referring to. This is a great way to make the most out of online courses and learning material.



  • You can use the icons at the top to save your notes, sync to Evernote, or start a new notes session. Another really cool feature is the Share feature. Because your notes are stored in Google Drive, you can click on Share to share your notes with anyone who might be interested
  • If you’re currently a Udacity member, you can also use the Chrome extension in the browser to enable this same functionality. This is only an alpha version of the extension, so greater functionality may or may not be on the way.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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