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Update to Email Notifications for Comments in Google Docs

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Yesterday we stumbled upon an update to the email notifications settings for comments in Google Docs. We’re not sure exactly when this update was released (but since we use Docs so frequently, it must have been this week), but it has streamlined the options you have for receiving email notifications.

Google Docs Screenshot

Previously you had several options for when you would receive email notifications for comments in your Google Docs. Now, you are limited to All, Important and None, making the process much simpler. Here’s a description of each option:

  • All – Every new comment will be emailed to you
  • Important – Only the activities that involve you will be emailed to you, e.g. replies to your comments
  • None – You will not be notified

Interestingly enough, when we checked the support page for Google Docs this morning, the page had yet to be updated, and there wasn’t even a live link for the ‘Comments in documents’ section. Perhaps this is just a small update to comments in all Drive files?

Support Screenshot


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