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11:11 Top Office 365 Posts from the Eleventh Month of the Year

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1. One Stop Shop for Office 365 Security and Compliance Features

As an IT administrator, security concerns often loom over your head. With the new customer security considerations (CSC) workbook, you now have a guide to reference for any doubts. The new CSC workbook compiles the security and compliance features available in Office 365. Displayed in an Excel file, the information is presented on two pivots; one shares Customer Control Considerations and the other pivot shows Office 365 Risk Assessment Scenarios.

2. Inaugural 365NinjaLIVE Webinar

At the turn of the month, we hosted the inaugural 365NinjaLIVE webinar. The two-day event hosted guest speakers from Microsoft, a Skype for Business expert, and several other Office 365 masters.  On Day 1, the event kicked off with three sessions brimming with great content on a wide range of Office 365 topics. The second day included three sessions that examined the way our modern style of working affects the scope of Office 365 and vice versa, how Office 365 empowers us to work with more flexibility. The final two sessions of the event were deep dives into communications with Skype for Business and application management with Azure AD.

3. Muy bien! Guten tag. Wao!

On the go with your phone in tow and need to chat with your co-workers? In the Outlook Groups apps, you can chat with your colleagues from your commute home or before your evening plans begin. As mentioned in the top September announcements, Outlook Groups is available on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android phones. This month, Microsoft announced that Outlook Groups is available in 11 languages and has several new features worth an applause. Users can now adjust members’ statuses in groups and access a profile card that shares a user’s basic information and role in the organization.

CreateGroups (1)

4. When It’s Time to Update Your Software…

When it comes to software updates, it’s understandable if your heart skips a beat – software updates can be big productions. For Office 365 updates, Microsoft has outlined recommended steps to make those software updates easier. In this video, Arpan Shah from Office 365 reviews the tenant-specific features that guide the IT admin on best practices for updating Office 365.

5. Archiving 3rd party data in Office 365 available in Preview

As integrations and partnerships become more a part of your everyday work day, it’s important to consider where you’re storing your data and how it is protected. Archiving your email and documents can be especially helpful, and having the option to do the same for third party data will improve overall security. This feature has been available for documents in SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business, and is now available for Preview.

6. Screenshot Your PowerPoint slides and Upload to Social Media

Ever need to capture a PowerPoint slide that just “wows” you and needs to be shared with the Facebook world? With Social Share, a Microsoft Garage add-in, you are now about to share your slides on social media with the click of a button! The demo is worth a look–it’s a cool feature.

7. 5 Foundational Tips for Skype for Business

Skype for Business is more important than you think. Since the communication app joined Office 365 earlier this year, Lync and Skype have integrated their features to deliver a multi-method conversation tool. Skype for Business enables the evolving office space – whether your office is a traditional cubicle setup, in the room next to your kitchen, or at your hotel business center. To help facilitate the “modern meeting” with Skype for Business, see this list of five tips to learn the necessary basics.

8. OneNote November Nuggets

OneNote is a favorite application of many Office 365 users, and these November updates won’t disappoint. Users are now able to include audio recordings in OneNote Online, a feature previously not included in the web-based version. You can record from within your OneNote page and place where needed in your document. Also included in this slew of OneNote Online updates is the ability to insert file attachments. You can embed a PowerPoint deck, for example, and set a link to reference in addition to your notes from a class lecture. To learn more about these new features, including the ability to embed video in a OneNote 2016 canvas, check out the full article here.

9. PowerPoint Updates from November

PowerPoint for Office 2016 may look mostly the same as the 2013 version, but several November updates show that PowerPoint 2016 is evolving with exciting features called Morph and Designer. With Morph, PowerPoint is stepping up its animation game and with Designer, you can now channel your inner graphic designer.

10. Attaching Files Made Easier

If you have Outlook 2016–or when you have Outlook 2016–you’re in luck, because attaching files to email messages just got a whole lot easier, with a simple drop-down menu that launches from ribbon. As you see in this blog post, when you click on the Attach File, you’ll automatically see a drop-down menu that begins with recently-used files. Have you ever had the experience of updating a document, closing it, clicking Attach File to add it to an email to a collaborator, and realizing as the dialog box launches that you can’t remember where you saved it? No more! The Recent Items list includes files from your local drive as well as OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint.

11. Get the Inside Scoop of Office 365

Microsoft announced the Office Insider community that allows users to access pre-release builds of Office 2016 for Windows. Users from Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal, and Office 365 University are all able to join the group and, also able to provide feedback to Microsoft as the newer software becomes available to more people.

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