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Take a Tour of the New Admin Center

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The Office 365 admin center has a new preview available for you to take a test drive. In the preview, you are able to navigate through the admin center, see, and feel what the new features are like.

Once you’ve logged into your Office 365 account, you can click the Admin tab and choose to go to the current admin center, or to preview the new one. Once you’re inside the preview, you’ll be greeted with a unicorn that will provide a quick tour of the admin center. The above video steps you through the new look and the dashboard that pulls together your most necessary features.

Check out the video above to learn more and visit Office Blogs for updates on exact dates for the rollout of these features.

Many of these new features are available today. The full rollout will occur over the next few weeks. Until the full rollout, you will be able to access the former admin console, and will see this orange bar at the top of the console that allows you to switch between the two views.

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