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Save Files Directly to OneDrive for Business from Outlook

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A few weeks ago, the Office team announced new updates to OneDrive for Business.

The new updates bring many new features that make it easier to save attachments to your OneDrive for Business. Users can now save directly to OneDrive to a dedicated folder for email attachments. If an email has multiple attachments, users also have the option to treat each attachment individually depending on where and how they want to save the attachment. These features make it easier to store your documents in one centralized location, and in the cloud.

To make saving files easier straight from your inbox, reference the video above and these steps below. Once you have an email open with an attachment or attachments:

  • You have the option to save each attachment separately, or all at once.
    • If saving files individually, choose Save to OneDrive from the drop down menu that appears when you hover over the arrow to the right of the document
    • If you are saving all files to your OneDrive file, select Save all to OneDrive
    • Once the documents have downloaded, you’ll see confirmation that reads “Saved all to Email attachments”
    • To open up the Email attachments folder, go to your OneDrive. Here you will find a folder with all of your downloaded documents from Outlook.

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