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Reviewing, Commenting, and Tracking Changes in PowerPoint

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Collaboration in Microsoft Office is a necessity in the modern day workplace. PowerPoint decks are especially collaborative documents that can require lots of editing over time in preparation for a board meeting, for instance. Once you have a presentation that many have collaborated on, another challenge arises: keeping track of the edits.

There’s a lot of opinions and contributions that can go into a 30+ slide presentation, and to make sure you account for the opinions that matter in a presentation, you can make comments, review comments, and track changes and revisions within a PowerPoint deck to make collaboration easier. See the video above and steps below to do each:

Make Comments

  1. Select the Insert tab.
  2. Click Comment.
    • A sidebar will appear on the right where you can type out your comments.

Review Comments

  1. Select the Review tab.
  2. Click Show Comments.
    • A sidebar will appear on the right where you can review the comments made in the presentation.
  3. Click Next or Previous to toggle between the comments made on different slides. You can also reply to the comments in this sidebar too.

Track Changes and Revisions

  1. Select the Review tab
  2. Click Compare
  3. Open the PowerPoint presentation version you want to compare your presentation to.
    • The sidebar will appear and the differences between the presentations will be noted under Slide Changes or Presentation Changes.
  4. Click each change to review the what has been edited. To accept the change, click the check box. To ignore the change, don’t click the check box.

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