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Recent Updates to Google Docs (Hyperlinks & Highlighting)

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Update (8/7): Looks like there was a little more to this update than we thought. Google announced today that this feature also provides recommendations for link based on your highlighted text. This is a really cool feature that is definitely helpful when you don’t already have a link in mind. It can also apply to bookmarks if you’ve created them in the Doc. Here’s a pretty cool .gif detailing the update.

Google Doc Animated gif

Yesterday we noticed a few small updates to Google Docs that streamlines the hyperlinking and highlighting processes. Here’s a few screenshots of the recent changes:

Update to Google Docs Hyperlinking

The hyperlinking process now makes it much easier to select a URL. You can paste one, just like before, or you can search for a web-address. I’ll admit, I’m going to miss having the bookmark option in the same window. Using the hyperlink keyboard shortcut made it really easy to insert a bookmark, along with an outside link

If you’ve ever tried to highlight text in Google Docs, you know how frustrating it can be to determine which icon does what. The text and background icons look extremely similar, and many people have trouble remembering the correct icons.

Google has streamlined the text editing process by including the background and text icons into one, so the confusion no longer exists. This was definitely a much needed change from a user experience standpoint.

(animated gif courtesy of the Google Drive Google+ page)

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