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Play Google's Trivia Game, Smartypins, on Google Maps

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If you’re a trivia buff, here’s a fun treat for you. Google’s game, Smartypins, is a playful, interactive game that uses Google Maps to test your trivia and geography knowledge. Learn how to play it here.

You can play it for yourself by visiting

When you start the game, you’ll see a trivia question pop up. Your goal is to drop the pin in the correct location and answer the question as quickly as you can.

SmartyPins 1

You’ll notice a “Bonus” timer counting down underneath the question. If you answer the question more quickly, you’ll gain a larger bonus in the game.

SmartyPins 3

Now, you’ll notice your “Kilometers Remaining” changing after you answer a question. The premise of the game is that it will continue until you run out of kilometers. If you drop the pin in the wrong location, you will lose the distance between your pin and the correct answer to the question. If you do this too often, you’ll run out of kilometers!

The game lets you know how many questions you answered, will provide some pithy feedback, and offer a link to play another round.

SmartyPins 2

You’ll also notice that as you play, there are questions in a wide variety of categories, all with geographic answers. Sports, entertainment, and history are some of the categories that come up in the course of the general game. When you start a new game, you can also hit the “Select a category” button in order to select a specific category.

SmartyPins 4

Happy playing!

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.



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