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Planning a Vacation? Try the New Google Trips App

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Hey jetsetters: Whether your next trip is a weekend jaunt or a 3-week international adventure, Google Trips is a new mobile app designed to help you plan the best trips of your life. Here’s how it works. 

If you’ve ever planned a trip, you know how stressful it can be. It seems like there are endless amounts of options, every friend has a piece of advice to offer, and the online review sites seem to just give you more questions than they do answers. Google Trips is designed to make the entire process of planning a trip intuitive, straightforward, and possible using only your mobile device. (It’s available on both Android and iOS.)

So let’s see how this works. 



Essentially, Google Trips has suggestions for a wide variety of activities in hundreds of the most popular cities in the world. Choose a city and check out things to do or start browsing day plans. 



You can see where all the popular attractions are on a map, and you can also see more information (like opening/closing hours) at the bottom of your screen. This makes figuring out what to do possible with only a few taps on your phone.

Also, if you’re trying to avoid the scary roaming fees that many providers charge, tap the “Download” button to download the data onto your phone–that way you can access all the information even when offline.

You can get all kinds of information on the city you’re traveling in. This includes recommendations about places to eat: 



Or information on nearby hospitals and urgent care centers, and more:



Google Trips also acts as a repository for all your trip information, including your flight plans and your hotel stays. When you get emails confirming these details, Google Trips will automatically sync that data into the trip app as long as you give it permission to do so. This means no more digging back through dozens of old emails to find the information you’re looking for. Instead, just open up Trips, head to your reservations, and you can find exactly what you need.

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