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New Notifications Interface for Google+

2 minute read

This Google+ update  just rolled out to one of our accounts, and it looks like most users still have the ‘notifications counter’ to keep track of their Google+ notifications. This box at the top of your Google account would turn red and keep track of your new Google+ notifications.

Google+ Notifications Counter

Old Google+ Notifications Counter


The new notifications interface replaces the counter with a bell, but still alerts you of notifications with a small red counter at the top-right corner of the bell. Our favorite update to the new notifications interface is notifications are separated by read and un-read updates, similar to your Gmail inbox.

New Notifications Interface




New Notifications Interface

















If you don’t have the new notifications interface, it will continue to roll out to users over the next few weeks. If you’d like your domain to receive it sooner rather than later, make sure you enable ‘Rapid Release’.

What do you think of the new look? Let us know on Google+


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