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Made a Few Mistakes in PowerPoint? Increase the Number of Undos

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If you’ve ever made a few mistakes in PowerPoint and tried to hit “Undo” several times, you may have hit a limit. But you can actually increase the number of undos that you’re allowed to use, making it easier to fix mistakes. 

The default number of undos in PowerPoint is set to 20. Imagine that you’ve made a series of alterations to a presentation and realized that you want to move back several steps in order to make a change. As you hit Undo, once you reach 20 commands, you’re no longer going to be able to move backwards and undo your changes. This leaves you with not option but to go in and make the changes one by one in order to restore your presentation to its previous state. However, this number is not set in stone, and can be adjusted manually.

  • In PowerPoint, head to File > Options.
  • Click on the Advanced item in the left-hand menu. Under Editing options, you’re going to see a Maximum number of undos setting. Use these arrows to adjust the number up or down, or manually enter a new number into the box in order to increase the total number of undos that you have available to you.
  • The lowest you can change this to is 3. On the maximum end, you can at most increase this option to 150 undos. However, if you choose to increase this number to the maximum, pay attention to the performance of PowerPoint. If you notice it starting to slow down, it may be because it is working too hard to store 150 previous changes in its memory at all times.

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