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Introduction to a Google Apps Deployment

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Google Apps Deployment Guide

Google Apps deployment is the implementation of the Google Apps platform within your organization with the likely migration of your user’s existing email, calendar, and contacts data to Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts; respectively.

The migration of Office documents and files to Google Drive is also common but considered to be handled in a second phase and a separate deployment plan. Other migrations to the Google platform can include migrating MS Exchange Public Folders to Google Groups and direct migrations of archived email into Google Vault.

A few common terms that are used during Google Apps deployment:

  1. Cut-Over: The point at which MX records are switched; routing mail to Google’s servers.
  2. Go-Live: Following the cut-over; the date/time in which you have communicated to your users that Google is now their primary email and productivity platform.
  3. Initial Migration: The migration of the bulk amount of email occurring prior to the cut-over.
  4. Delta Migration: The migration of the remainder of email as well as contacts and calendar items; occurring immediately after the cut-over and ideally prior to the go-live.
  5. Server-side Migration: Migrating data from a central server.
  6. Client-side Migration: Migrating data from individual end user workstations.
  7. PST migration: Migrating the Outlook personal storage folder data in a bulk fashion.
  8. Google Apps Deployment: All activities involved in the implementation of Google Apps within your organization including discovery, planning, initial setup, provisioning, data migration, change management, cut-over, go-live, and support.

Migrating from a legacy system can be complicated and should be done in the phases that are mentioned above.

This article is Part 1 of Google Gooru’s Comprehensive Guide to a Google Apps Deployment. To access the entire guide for FREE, please fill out the form located here.

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