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How to Spell-Check Email Messages in Outlook for Office 365

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Even if you’re a spelling bee champion, you’re bound to make typos from time to time, especially in our fast-paced modern way of working. Not only can you check the spelling of long Word documents and the like, you can also spell-check Outlook email messages with just a few steps.

How to Check Spelling in Outlook 2013/2016

  1. To check an individual word, simply right-click and choose from the options to change, ignore, or add the misspelled word.
  2. To check an entire email, go to the Review tab and select Spelling & Grammar.

How to Check Spelling in Outlook on the Web

Unfortunately at this time there isn’t the capability to check spelling built into Outlook on the Web. However, you can configure your computer and/or your browser to automatically check the spelling as you type.


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