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How to Save All the Images in a Word or PowerPoint File

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If you’ve ever worked with a large PowerPoint or Word document and needed to save all of the image files within the project for other uses, you know that it can be a very tedious task. However, there are actually a couple of quick strategies that allow you to do this all at once.

Rather than save each image separately, here are two ways you can save all the images in your PowerPoint or Word files instantly: 

Method One

  1. Change the extension of your file name to .zip.
  2. Navigate to the zip file, open it, and you’ll have all of the images you’re looking for.

Method Two

  1. Save the file as a web page by going to Save As > Web Page (.htm). When you save the file as a webpage, all of the image files will be placed inside a folder, making them easily accessible for whatever future use you may have for them.

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