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How to Insert a Logo in Google Forms

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If you use Google Forms to measure customer satisfaction or survey customers, then you can probably benefit from some of the visual customizations you can make to a form. Adding your company’s logo to a Google Form will help increase brand awareness and add a professional touch.

To insert a logo in the header of your Google Forms:

  1. Open a Google Form.
  2. Click the color palette button in the top right corner, and click the image icon.
  3. Click “Upload photos,” and then drag in a photo or click “Select a photo from your computer.”
  4. Crop your image accordingly. You may want to create a custom image of your logo with some white space.

To insert a logo into the Google Form itself:

  1. Select the image icon on the right side.
  2. Upload an image and insert it.
  3. Resize and format the image as you wish.

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