The ability to host an image directly from Google Drive has been discontinued by Google. Luckily, we found an easy workaround, so you can link directly to the image without linking to your Drive.

This video will take you through the steps of hosting an image stored on Google Drive so that image can be used on websites, in email signatures, and much more.

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4 thoughts on “How to Host an Image from Google Drive

  1. Steve Gallant Reply


    I’m trying this technique on my domain, but seem to be having a problem, maybe you can help me. I’ve updated all my FlashPanel email signature graphics to the GDURL equivalents, after uploading them to a Google Drive account, and sharing them “Public on the web – Anyone on the Internet can find and view”. They display correctly when I ‘browse’ to their URLs (e.g. and they resolve to the loooong URL).

    When I compose a new draft, all the graphics display correctly. However, the email on the receiving end doesn’t display the graphics, whether the email is sent internal or external of the domain. Instead, dogear placeholders display. (The links behind the graphics are intact, however.)

    Can you suggest a reason why this might be?

  2. Steve Gallant Reply


    I turned off the Proxy images setting in Apps domain, and now they graphics appear as they should in received emails. Weird. This does sort of expose me to Malware attack though, doesn’t it? Or is that hype?

    Can you think why my domain would block displaying images that went through your process (i.e. uploaded to Drive, shared, then URL’d through gdURL) ?

    • The Gooru Post authorReply

      That is strange the image is blocked if gdurl is not blocked. I would try another image host such as and see if that works.

  3. Roberta Reply

    Thank you so much for this video. Just what I was looking for.

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