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How to Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint

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Incorporating rich media in your PowerPoint presentation is a sure way to keep your audience more interested. In PowerPoint 2013/2016, it’s as simple as a few clicks to embed a YouTube video into a slide.

Whether you’re embedding a specific video, or need a clip from a famous movie to use as an analogy, find the right video and load it in your presentation in a matter of seconds. Check out the video above and steps below to learn more.

  1. Select the slide you want to embed your video.
  2. Click the Insert tab on the ribbon.
  3. Select Video on the right hand side.
  4. From the drop down, select Online Video.
  5. A window will appear with options to load a video from SharePoint, YouTube, or with an embed code.
  6. To locate the embed code from a YouTube video, go to your browser and find the YouTube video you want to embed.
  7. Scroll to Share.
    • Click Embed.
    • Copy embed code.
    • Go back to PowerPoint and paste the embed code in the window.
  8. Select Enter and your video will load into your slide.
  9. To play video in your presentation, click the play button on the slide.

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