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How to Create a Flowchart in PowerPoint for Mac

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Flowcharts are a useful way to visually explain a process using symbols and text. Here are the basics on how to get started building flowcharts and where to find the customization options, so that you can create something that fits with the style of your presentation.

  1. Click on Insert > Shapes. Scroll down to the Flowchart section, which has shapes specifically formatted for flowcharts. If you hover your mouse over a shape, you’ll get a tip on what the shape is used for according to the “standard” business formatting for flowcharts. But depending on what you’re creating your chart for, you can get creative as you want.
  2. Select a shape (your mouse will turn into a crosshairs) and draw your shape.
  3. To change the color of your shape, you can select a pre-loaded color theme combination at the top of your screen, or you can click on Shape Fill and manually adjust the shape fill color. Click on Text Fill or Shape Outline to adjust the text fill color or outline color, respectively.
  4. For special effects, go to Shape Effects, which allows you to add shadows, reflections, glow, bevels, and more.
  5. To label the shape, just click on it and type your text.
  6. Once you’ve added additional shapes, you can connect them by going to Insert > Shapes > Lines. Select a line you like, and draw it in between your shapes to connect them.

Note: The instructions and video tutorials are for Macs. For PC instructions, click here

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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