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How to Add Holidays to Your Outlook Calendar

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What day of the week is New Year’s Eve this year…?

Outlook can help you keep track of regular holidays (specific to your country, too), but the option is not enabled by default.

Unfortunately, you can’t add holidays directly from Outlook on the Web/OWA, but if you follow the instructions for Outlook 2013/2016, you should be able to see the added holidays if you access your calendar on the web.

To add holidays to your Outlook calendar:

  1. From the File tab, click Options.
  2. Select the Calendar tab.
  3. In the Calendar options area, click the Add Holidays button.
  4. The Add Holidays to Calendar dialog box appears. Select the country whose holidays you’d like to add. If you have already added a country’s holidays, you will see a check next to the country name.
  5. Click OK and the holidays will be added to your calendar.

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