Google Sites are great because they are easy to set up and can be used in a variety of different ways. Embedding a Google Drive folder on a Google Sites page is one of our favorite features, and it has a number of different use cases for a variety of different users.

For example, if you are using Sites to build a company intranet, you can embed a folder with all of your human resource documents. On the other hand, schools can use this feature to create a destination for students to find important information on a class project.

To ensure all of your users can gain access to the documents in the folder, be sure to set your sharing permissions to anyone within your organization can access.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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12 thoughts on “How to Add a Google Drive Folder to Google Sites

  1. Allen Schmidt Reply

    Not able to get that detail view you showed to show up. Any other secrets??

    And also, I am not seeing the maximize or full screen button on the video.

    Great job with these Mr. Gooru!!! Keep it up!

  2. Cameron Reply

    Probably should include a bit about permissions. I assume when sharing a folder, the settings need to be such that whatever web audience you intend should have at least “view” access to the folder and the files it contains?

    My faculty are loving these little tutorials!

    Great work,

    • Google Gooru Reply


      You’re absolutely right. If you take a look at the bottom of the video description I had a quick reminder to enable the appropriate sharing settings.

      Glad to hear you guys are enjoying the videos!

    • Google Gooru Reply

      It appears this is only available for users who are receiving ‘rapid release’ features for Google Apps. Users who are on the ‘scheduled release’ track will likely have access to this feature in the near future.

  3. Mark Reply

    Great video about this feature. I didn’t know that you could embed a folder on a Google Site. Is there a way to embed a Google folder on a WordPress blog?

    • Google Gooru Reply

      I don’t believe that you can embed a Drive folder in WordPress, unfortunately.

  4. Richard Reply


    I have embedded a folder into my google sites with PDF documents in that are past exam papers. I can see these in edit mode and if I go t preview mode the documents show up. But when I sign out of google, and access the site the documents are not there?? Any ideas?


    • Google Gooru Reply


      Are you having issues viewing the PDFs only, or all file types?

    • vrej Reply

      i have same problem . how to solve it ? please note i use new version of google sites.

  5. Timbay Reply

    I am using the new Insert Folder function in our company’s internal Google Site. I have embedded a folder which comprises 150+ sub-folders in the site . For some reason, the resulting output of the sub-folders on the web page is sorted z-a then Z-A rather than what appears in Google Drive: A-Z with no distinction between lower and upper case.


    Your excellent tutorial has the same issue, a complete reverse of the Google Drive display. My problem is compounded by the upper case, lower case issue. I would prefer not to rename the lower case sub-folders as they are company names beginning with lower case letters.

  6. Shaina Reply

    With the Google Site with embedded Google Docs, is there any way to get the keyword search to reference the info on the doc and not just the title?

    I tried doing a page description for it but when I search on the Google Site for keywords that are in the Google Doc, it doesn’t reference that page. (hopefully this makes sense)


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