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Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook: What Calendar Features are Supported vs. Unsupported

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Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook syncs your Google Calendar with Outlook, allowing you to continue to manage your calendar using Outlook. Most features will continue to function normally, with little or no noticeable difference.

However, because Outlook is syncing with Google in the background, there may be certain features which no longer function as expected, due to differences between Google and Microsoft products.

Features that WILL continue to function normally:

  • You will be able to schedule events, including all-day and recurring events
  • See the free/busy status of other users at your company
  • View ALL of the calendars which exist in Google Calendar (for example, secondary calendars, or calendars that have been shared with you)
  • Respond to invitations, color code your events, set reminders, etc.

Unsupported features in Outlook Calendar:

  • Move or copy events between calendars
  • Rich text features in event descriptions
  • Delete calendar folders

Calendar sharing is also not supported in Outlook with GASMO. In order to share your calendar, you must adjust your settings in Google Calendar. See our video on mail and calendar delegation for more detail on how to accomplish this.

If you prefer not to receive responses from attendees of your events, changing this setting in Outlook calendar will have no effect, and you will continue to receive event responses.

Additionally, timezone settings will not be effective if set in Outlook, and must be changed via settings in Google Calendar.

Lastly, tentative and out of office statuses are not supported in GASMO calendar. Because there is no corresponding feature in Google Calendar, tentative and out of office responses set in Outlook will appear as simply “busy” to others.

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