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Google Apps for the iPad

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google apps for the ipad

Do you love your iPad? Are you also a Google Apps user? If so, there are a ton of Google Apps features that you can use on your iPad to make your experience even better.

In this video alone we cover the following features:

  • Integrating Apple mail with Google Apps
  • Cloud Print
  • Google Drive
  • Quickoffice
  • Google+

First of all, integrating your iPad (or any iOS device) with your Google Apps account is definitely a must. This allows you to sync your mail directly to your device so you never miss a thing.

From there, you can open all of your important files and attachments as they are, or with the Google Drive application. This syncs directly with your Google Apps account so you can have access on any device. You can also print these files directly from your iPad by adding Cloud Print.

Sometimes you may feel limited when dealing with a Microsoft Word file, for example. Google Apps for Business customers also have access to Quickoffice, which allows you to edit Microsoft Word files and easily save them back to Google Drive.

The Google+ application makes it easy to keep up with everyone that is important to you. You can even start a Hangout!

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