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Free Voice Calls from Hangouts Through Android, iOS, and the Web

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Google Hangouts has received tons of updates ever since its introduction, but it has always seemed somewhat fragmented from the classic Google Voice application. In what seems like an effort to get Voice users to switch over to Hangouts, Google has introduced free voice calls through Hangouts for Android, iOS and the browser.

Hangouts for Android

Specifically, Hangouts users can call other users for free, along with US and Canadian numbers, with low rates for international calls. The great thing about this update is that it is reflected automatically for iOS users and Hangouts through the browser. Android users will need to install the new version of Hangouts as it becomes available over the next few days.

If you’re still using Google Voice for the free calling, this seems like a great opportunity to give Hangouts a try. Google is making a big effort to increase the adoption of Hangouts, so you’ll see a constantly updated interface with tons of new features.

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