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Deciding on your Google Drive Migration approach

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File Server Migration to Google Drive

The first step in performing your migration to Drive is to determine which approach you plan to use to manage your File Server once in Google Drive, Admin Managed or Owner Managed. In order to help decide which approach best suits your company you will want to perform an audit of the following:

  • Amount of files/ total size on server
  • Files on server vs files to be migrated (the less the better)
  • How the files are currently being accessed (Network only? VPN?)
  • What types and how many (if any) files are being updated by multiple people
  • The frequency in which files are being updated/synced
  • The most common use case for the file server across departments

Utilize the findings of your audit to modify the current IT policies and procedures to align with the new Google platform and your chosen file management approach prior to beginning any migration. After choosing a Drive migration approach and adapting IT policies to support the new platform, you are able to begin planning the migration process.

This article is Part 5 of Google Gooru’s Comprehensive Guide to Moving a File Server to Google Drive. To access the entire guide for FREE, please fill out the form located here.

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