Goodbye, wonky formatting. Hello, beautiful emails.

If you want to jazz up your emails in Gmail (say, for a newsletter), it can be tough. There aren’t a ton of formatting options, and copying and pasting gets messy. But you can design beautiful emails in Google Docs and then convert them to Gmail drafts with one click–all without losing any formatting.

  • Head to the Chrome Web store and search for Convert Google Docs to Gmail draftsClick on the Add to Chrome button button to install the extension, and then give the extension permission to access your Google account.
  • In Google Docs, create your document and add as much flair as you want (like images, columns, different fonts and colors, what have you). Now, up at the top of Docs, you’ll notice a new Open in Gmail button.


  • When you click on it, the extension is going to convert your Google Doc into a Gmail draft, preserving all of your formatting so that you can send off a much more visually interesting and well-formatted email.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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One thought on “Design Emails in Google Docs, Convert Them to Gmail Drafts with 1 Click

  1. Neeraj Reply

    I’d like to express gratitude to:
    1) The author of this article for taking the effort to craft such a useful article
    2) BetterCloudMONITOR for providing a platform to the author of this article; as it made it noticeable in the SERPs which is how I landed here.

    And the reason I express my gratitude is because it solved a problem that is afflicting not just me but hundred, maybe thousands, of people who used to post to Google’s Blogger platform using some form of offline blogging client.

    As you may know, all these loyal users of Google’s Blogger were left high-and-dry by Google with nary a thought nor concern when they (Google) suddenly switched over to “OAuth 2.0” security protocol.

    As I’ve elaborated in my blog post this particular group tried to raise their concern which fell on deaf ears. Some among them, like me, started wracking our brains for work-arounds and solutions.

    Your wonderful little extension provided that crucial link in one of such solutions that I tried and tested to find satisfactory. Briefly, the blogster drafts his/her post in Google Docs, then uses your wonderful little extension to open that fully formatted post in his/her Gmail from whence s/he e-mails it to their blog’s secret e-mail ID which can be configured to accept such e-mailed posts.

    After that, all that remains is to confirm the draft, correct if required and publish. This, of course, if s/he has configured the secret e-mail account to NOT publish received posts directly.

    Many thanks, once again. Hopefully, my efforts will help a lot of those suffering blogsters.

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