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Adios, Picasa!

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Picasa, the Google photo organization and storage app, is being retired on March 15, 2016.

In an announcement from the Picasa Blog, the Picasa team describes their reasoning for “moving on from Picasa.” In an effort to unite all photo entities, Google is focusing their photo services in Google Photos. Google Photos was launched last May. The free service provides unlimited storage for photos and video files.

The good news for Picasa users is that your photos from Picasa Web Album are already located on Google Photos. In Google Photos, you can access your previously uploaded images and continue to use Google to store, share, and organize your memories. Access to your tags, comments, or captions in your existing Picasa Web Albums are available through May 1, 2016. The storage for Picasa Web Albums will be determined once May rolls around.

The Internet is quick to update. Here are the current search results for “what is Picasa.”

what is picasa?


For more information on the upcoming changes, visit the Picasa Blog, and to learn more about Google Photos, here is your personal guide.


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