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8 Lesser-Known Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel

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You may already know some of the common keyboard shortcuts for Excel, like filling data down from the cell above. But here 8 lesser-known shortcuts for Excel that’ll help you navigate your spreadsheet like a pro.

F7: Spell check

Sure, Excel is a number crunching tool, but your files will likely still have some text in them. Hit F7 for a quick spell check to avoid any embarrassing spelling errors.

Alt + F1: Insert chart

Just highlight the data you’d like to use for your chart and hit Alt + F1 for an easy way to instantly create a chart.

Ctrl+’: Copy Formula from Cell Above

If you have a formula you want to replicate in an above cell, just hit Ctrl + ‘.

Alt + =: Auto sum

Instead of writing out a =SUM equation, hit Alt + = and the values above will automatically be summed together.

Ctrl + 5 = Strikethrough

Ever want to cross out text? Highlight a cell and hit Ctrl + 5 to add strikethrough formatting.

Shift + Spacebar: Select the entire row

For an easy way to select an entire row in your Excel file, hit Shift + Spacebar.

Ctrl + Spacebar: Select the entire column

Likewise, if you want to select the entire column, hit Ctrl + Spacebar.

F12: Save as

Instead of going to File > Save as to save your spreadsheet, just hit F12 and you’ll be prompted to enter in a name for your file.

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