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3 Updates to Filter Views in Google Sheets

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Filter Views have been a fantastic update since they were first introduced for the new Google Sheets, making sorting data even easier. Up until yesterday there were a few limitations when it came to collaboration, but Google released three updates to improve the experience.

My favorite update to come from yesterday is the ability to share a link to a specific Filter View with your collaborators. This is really useful if you’re dealing with a lot of data, or if your collaborators aren’t familiar with how to access Filter Views.

If you’re limited to ‘View only’ access to a Sheet, you can now apply temporary Filter Views so you can sort data to fit your needs. Like all Filter Views, this won’t affect anything your other collaborators can see. Lastly, you can now change the range of a Filter View without having to delete it and create a new one, definitely saving some time.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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