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3 Things to Know About the New Surface 3

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Today Microsoft announced the Surface 3, the newest member of the Surface family of tablets. The Surface 3 is in pre-order today on the Microsoft store and should be available in 26 markets on May 7, with devices on hand at the retail stores beginning tomorrow, April 1.

Below are three highlights of the Surface 3.

1. It runs full Windows 8.1.

Non-Pro versions of the Surface have not run the full version of Windows until now, and Windows RT may become a thing of the past (and many of us won’t miss it). The Surface 3 has full Windows 8.1 and it can be upgraded to Windows 10 when the time comes. This means that using a Surface doesn’t mean being relegated to the less-useful Windows Store version of Office apps.

2. The price is right, especially for home and student use.

The Surface 3 starts at $499, which makes it more affordable for many users. It’s being marketed towards students, parents, and mobile professionals, although it certainly can have a place in the enterprise as well. This makes the Surface 3 a great option for users who are interested in running Office and other basic programs.

3. It comes with great features.

Despite having a less-powerful processor and a smaller screen than the Surface Pro 3, the Surface 3 still has a lot of great features. The three-stop kickstand makes the tablet experience transition easily to the laptop experience, and it’s a nice and light 1.37 pounds. Also, it can be charged with a MicroUSB cord and gets up to 10 hours of battery life, which should be attractive to the target consumer base.

With this launch, Microsoft will surely put its products into the hands of even more users.

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