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14 More Google Search Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed

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Originally intended as a way to easily find websites, Google’s engineers have quietly slipped secret functionalities into Google Search to do even more for its 1.17 billion users. These hidden tricks, when used properly, can transform Google Search into a one-stop-shop of instantly accessible services.

Recently we shared with you 12 of our favorite hidden search tricks and after a bit more digging we found out that we had barely scratched the surface. From booking flights to comparing nutritional information, there is very little that you can’t accomplish using Search. Check out 14 more amazing things you can accomplish with the search bar.

1. Schedule the perfect power nap

According to sleep studies, the perfect power nap is 20 minutes long. By searching timer, you can pull up Google’s timer, set it to how long you want to doze off, and relax until the beeps wake you up. Make sure your computer’s volume is turned up!

Google search timer

2. Google search for jetsetters

Google Flights is now baked right into their search engine. Unlike other flight booking services, Google does not charge a fee when you book a flight because it connects you directly to the airline. Searching flights to ______ will bring up all the available flight times as well as links to the airlines for easy booking.

Google search flight

3. What time is it in New York?

With a global workforce, scheduling can get tricky. You don’t want to accidentally schedule a Hangout for midnight on a Friday for your team on the other side of the globe. A search for time in followed by a location will pull up the current time in that timezone.

Google search time

4. TI-83s just met their match

Ditch the graphing calculator and save yourself some time on back to school shopping. Google can now graph any function entered into its search bar as long as you enter graph before the trigonometric function.

Google search graph

5. Could you pick up 3.78 liters of milk?

This trick is great for cooking but can also be used for anyone who frequently finds themselves juggling the metric and the imperial system. Typing conversion calculator into Google brings up their conversion calculator which can convert any unit of measurement whether it is temperature or area or anything in between.

Google search conversion

6. Karaoke night with Google

By integrating the music catalogue from the Google Play store, Google is able to pull in the lyrics from your favorite songs. Just search the song name followed by the word lyrics.

Google search lyrics

7. Decipher large numbers

Trillion? Quatrillion? Quintillion? Counting zeros to decipher large numbers can be a headache. Eliminate any confusion by searching the number followed by =english.

Google search number

8. Search for a healthier option

Whether you’re a chef or deciding between instant ramen and hot pockets, you should be using Google’s comparison option to choose your cooking ingredients. Simply type vs between the two food items and Google will display a side by side comparison of the nutritional info.

Google search food comparison

9. Follow your favorite sports team to the last point

Google doesn’t just compare foods. Using the same type of comparison search, you can get live scores for any sporting match by putting vs between the names of the two teams.

Google search sports

10. Make it home for the holidays

With so many holidays, it can be hard to keep track. Search the name of any holiday in Google to make sure you don’t miss it.

Google search Mother's Day

11. The perfect reading list

Have you ever finished a good book only to find yourself wondering what you should read next? Search books by followed by the author’s name to find more books by the same author.Google search books

12. Catch your favorite shows

Tuning in on time can be crucial when you are already waiting a week between each episode. A search for your favorite tv show followed by the word episodes will display the air time of all the upcoming episodes for the show.

Google search tv show episodes

13. Reverse image Search

If you are only entering text in Google’s search bar then you are only using half of Google’s search functionality. Using reverse image search, you can import an image into Google’s search bar to find similar images on the web.

14. What are you hungry for?

Finding somewhere nearby to eat has never been easier. Fulfill that craving by entering the food item you desire followed by your area code to pull up local eateries in your area that are serving what you want.

Google search restaurant

Bonus: Search has gone askew

Type tilt into the search bar to cause the google results page to display on a slant.

Google search tilt

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