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Stumptown Coffee – A BetterCloud Case Study

BetterCloud Monitor

May 29, 2013

2 minute read

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Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Employees: 250
Founded: 1999
Industry: Food and Beverage

When Duane Sorenson founded Stumptown Coffee Roasters in 1999, he set out with a unique mission: find the best coffee beans in the world, pay a living wage to the farmers who harvest them and raise the expectations around a cup of coffee.

Since its founding, Stumptown has stayed true to this mission. Even while expanding to both coasts and opening a brand new 37,000 square foot headquarters in Portland, Oregon, the company has upheld its commitment to both quality and community – both here in the US and abroad in the communities in which Stumptown farmers work and live.

Going Google

When Stumptown moved to its new headquarters in the fall of 2012, the company also made the transition from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps. The move, which was accelerated by a server crash, was based on Google’s ubiquity and heavy integrations. According to Kevin Corbett, one of Stumptown’s IT Managers, the suite is “so much more than just email.”

Just one year after their migration, Stumptown is actively using Google Drive, Google+, Chromebooks, and more.

Enhancing Google Apps with BetterCloud

To help facilitate the transition to Google Apps and gain additional management capabilities, Kevin and his IT department colleague, Robert Franz, have installed BetterCloud Enterprise and use it heavily in the following areas:


Stumptown uses BetterCloud Enterprise’s Shared Contacts and Mobile Contact Syncing features primarily for internal contact sharing, specifically cell phone numbers, at the domain level. Since almost every employee actively uses a company iPhone, mobile contact syncing is an extremely important feature.


Kevin and Robert have created Google Groups for different locations, departments, functions and even the VoIP system. So when it comes to managing all these different groups, Stumptown relies on BetterCloud Enterprise’s intuitive Groups Management interface. Kevin commented that “BetterCloud Enterprise’s interface is so much more intuitive than the Control Panel” and finds adding multiple users to a group much easier in BetterCloud Enterprise; in fact he calls the same process in the Control Panel “clunky.”


Over the next few months, Kevin plans to roll out standardized email signatures to select groups of Stumptown employees using BetterCloud Enterprise’s email signature feature. “While culturally standardized signatures would not be entertained, having the ability to homogenize them is welcome in certain groups, like sales and creative,” noted Kevin. And to help with the roll out, Kevin has found the BetterCloud Monitor video on email signatures extremely useful.


Kevin also uses BetterCloud Enterprise’s Out of Office Responder feature, which allows him to set an auto-reply email on the back end when an employee isn’t available.

In addition to the above features, Kevin and his team plan to use more of BetterCloud Enterprise’s Google Drive features as adoption of Drive across Stumptown’s employees continues to increase.