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What 1,500 IT Professionals Showed Us About Cloud Office Partners


October 13, 2015

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The shift to the cloud is affecting everyone. Organizations that develop cloud office systems, IT professionals whose roles are rapidly changing, and the employees that now work primarily in the cloud. We recently covered the complex cloud partner ecosystem and how customers should evaluate their options, but now, we’re taking a look at how partners are influencing the shift to the cloud.

Organizations are moving to the cloud in different ways; some on their own, but many with the guidance of skilled partners. The data below, gathered from 1,500 IT professionals, shows the integral role that cloud partners play in an organization’s journey to the cloud.

Are you more likely to be satisfied if you work with a cloud partner? Does the size of an organization’s employee base affect its deployment methodology? What are great cloud partners doing to stand out? We answer these questions and more in the infographic below.