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SaaS Updates Summary: September 9 – September 13

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This week’s SaaS updates range from a dark mode across all desktop apps for Slack to a new version of Microsoft To Do, and even updates to Jamboard’s mobile app. For the complete list of this week’s SaaS updates, and the details to boot, scroll down.

Announcing the New Version of Microsoft To Do
Microsoft 365 Blog | When Wunderlist became part of Microsoft, their mission was to bring the delightful, simple, and elegant daily task experience and build it into Microsoft’s intelligent, interconnected, and security-centric ecosystem to create a new app—Microsoft To Do. Last week, Microsoft unveiled the new version of To Do, which includes a fresh new design, access from wherever you are, and more integration with Microsoft apps and services.

Display the Word Count as You Type in Google Docs
G Suite Updates | Users often need to see the word count in the documents they write. Instead of going to Tools > Word Count each time you want to view this information, now, you can simply select Tools > Word count > Display word count while typing to continuously display it in the lower left corner of your doc.

Form Notifications Add-on Now Available in the G Suite Marketplace
G Suite Updates | The Form Notifications add-on is now available on the G Suite Marketplace. You can use the add-on to receive an email notification once your Google Form has received a set number of responses, or you can use it to send an automated follow-up email to any user who completes your form.

New Improvements for Jamboard Mobile and Tablet Apps
G Suite Updates | Google has redesigned the Jamboard apps for iOS and Android to improve usability, performance, and reliability for Jamboard users.

Dark Mode Comes to Desktop: Here’s How You Can Access It
Several People are Typing | Slack users can now enjoy dark mode across all desktop apps, Mac, Windows and Linux.

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