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SaaS Updates Summary: August 8 – August 12

BetterCloud Monitor

August 14, 2022

2 minute read

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Big week for fans of Google Workspace. We got stronger protections for our most sensitive Workspace accounts, plus improved notifications for when you’re working on a Microsoft Word doc in Google Docs. Tuck in and read up about all of last week’s updates in the links.

Control visibility of admin alerts with admin role privileges
Google Workspace Updates | Google is introducing a new control that allows super admins to create a custom rule which ensures only admins with the DLP privilege can see DLP alerts.

Google Meet call control for USB peripheral devices
Google Workspace Updates | Google is introducing additional call control for Google Meet which will allow you to toggle between mute and unmute using headsets, speaker microphones, and other USB peripheral devices. 

Working Location enabled by default
Google Workspace Updates | Starting today, you will be able to set your working location without having to first enable this feature in your Calendar settings. 

Unified experience for Gmail logs in BigQuery, configure your existing Gmail logs to route to Workspace logs
Google Workspace Updates | In the coming months, Google will move the location of the existing Gmail logs in BigQuery to Google Workspace logs and reports in BigQuery

Improved notifications when editing Microsoft Office files in Docs, Sheets, and Slides
Google Workspace Updates | Google announced improvements to the notifications you see when editing a Microsoft Office-formatted file. 

Better location context for events and RSVPs in Calendar
Google Workspace Updates | Google is making it even easier to use RSVPs in Google Calendar and let others know how you’re planning to join a meeting. 

The Google Meet and Google Duo app icons are changing, additional information for Google Workspace users
Google Workspace Updates | Meeting features have been rolling out to the Duo app over the last several weeks, and now users will begin to see their app name and icon update to Google Meet. 

Stronger protection for sensitive Google Workspace account actions
Google Workspace Updates | Google is introducing stronger safeguards for sensitive actions taken in your Google Workspace account. 

Improving data privacy with Client-side encryption for Google Meet
Google Workspace Updates | Google is adding Workspace Client-side encryption to Google Meet, giving customers increased control over their data. 

Office Building support for Working Locations
Google Workspace Updates | The office building is taken into account for meeting room suggestions, and helps colleagues better understand where you plan to work from on a given day.

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