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SaaS Updates Summary: November 4 – November 8

BetterCloud Monitor

November 8, 2019

2 minute read

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Zendesk is coming to WhatsApp and you can now set group membership deletion limits in GCDS. Find out what else last week’s SaaS updates have given you the ability to accomplish in our recap.

Set Group Membership Deletion Limits in Google Cloud Directory Sync
G Suite Updates | You can now set group membership deletion limits in Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS). By adding these limits, you can prevent accidental removal of memberships from groups, as those errors can inadvertently cause users to lose access to things like Drive files and Google Cloud Platform resources.

Learn How to Organize and Analyze Data With Google Sheets on Coursera
G Suite Updates | You can learn how to organize information and analyze data using the Getting Started with Google Sheets course now available on Coursera. This course is ideal for users who are new to Sheets, such as new employees being onboarded to G Suite, or students looking to sharpen their analytical skills.

Insert Collapsible Text Boxes Into New Google Sites
G Suite Updates | Site editors can now insert collapsible text boxes into a new Google Site, which site viewers can click to expand. Collapsible text boxes can help condense large blocks of text, like content on FAQ or Help Center pages, allowing site viewers to quickly navigate to the most relevant information.

Exchange In-Place Archive Support Available for G Suite Migrate Beta
G Suite Updates | Google is adding support for migrating Microsoft Exchange In-Place Archives to the G Suite Migrate beta. Admins can use this new functionality to migrate the content of their user’s Exchange In-Place Archives to G Suite.

Expanding Omnichannel Support With WhatsApp
Zendesk | By integrating WhatsApp Business Solutions into Zendesk, companies are able to seamlessly bring customer conversations from WhatsApp directly into their dashboard alongside email, phone, chat, social media, and other channels that they support. When they respond to requests or resolve customer problems, those records will be available as part of the customer’s holistic profile.

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