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SaaS Updates Summary: November 23 – 27

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Last week, Microsoft announced several new integrations and features for its Teams product. Additionally, Google announced that breakout rooms are more widely available to Google Workspace customers and that users can now raise their hands virtually to ask a question in Google Meet. Learn more in the links here.

Virtually Raise Your Hand to Ask a Question in Google Meet
Google Workspace Updates | Video meeting participants can now let you know if they have a question or indicate that they would like to speak by raising their hand in Meet. In large meetings, this helps to increase participation while not disrupting the flow of the conversation and helps to prevent people from interrupting one another.

Bringing Breakout Rooms in Google Meet to More Google Workspace Customers
Google Workspace Updates | Last month, breakout rooms became available in Google Meet for G Suite Enterprise for Education customers. Google is now making breakout rooms available to Google Workspace, Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus customers, as well as G Suite Business and Enterprise for Education customers.

Improving Google Meet Attendance Reports and Making Them Available to More Customers
Google Workspace Updates | Google previously launched Google Meet attendance reports for education meetings. It’s now making several enhancements to provide more access, control, and visibility into meetings and live stream reports.

Office Editing on iOS Brings Google Workspace Collaboration to Microsoft Office Files
Google Workspace Updates | Google is making Office editing available on iOS. This feature brings the collaborative and assistive features of Google Workspace to your Microsoft Office files when you’re using your iOS device.

Make Specific Applications Exempt From Session Length Policy
Google Workspace Updates | Last year, Google launched an open beta that enabled Cloud Identity admins to configure a session length (a.k.a. “reauth”) for Google Console and Cloud SDK. Now, it’s enhancing session length controls by allowing you to exempt specific applications from the reauth policy.

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