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SaaS Updates Summary: November 12 – November 16

BetterCloud Monitor

November 18, 2018

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Google is rolling out a few new exciting features: 1) an easier way to organize and create apps for your domain directly from the Admin console; 2) a new way to invite people to an ongoing Hangouts Meet meeting; 3) a new Activity dashboard icon in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings; 4) advanced password controls for increased security; and 5) new changes to the Google sign-in interface. In other news, Zendesk announced the launch of Zendesk Explore, analytics for businesses to measure the entire customer experience.

Read on for more details.

Organize and Create Apps for Your Domain Directly from the Admin Console
G Suite Updates | With this launch, Google is making it easier for you to create — and for your users to find — the Android apps they need at work.

Invite People to an Ongoing Hangouts Meet Meeting
G Suite Updates | Google is adding a new way to invite people to an ongoing meeting directly within Hangouts Meet. When you’re in a Meet meeting, you’ll now see an option to “Add people” at the top of the participant list.

Now Your Activity Dashboard Is One Click Away in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings
G Suite Updates | Google has made it easier for you to open the Activity dashboard directly from Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings. You’ll now see the Activity dashboard icon (a jagged arrow pointing upward) next to the comments button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Say Hello to Zendesk Explore
Zendesk Blog | Zendesk is excited to announce the launch of Zendesk Explore, analytics for businesses to measure and improve the entire customer experience.

Advanced Password Controls for Increased Security
G Suite Updates | G Suite admins can already specify minimum and maximum length limits for passwords for their users. With this launch, Google is making it possible to enforce additional rigorous password requirements for increased security and to meet their compliance needs.

Changes to the Google Sign-in Interface Coming Soon
G Suite Updates | Starting November 27th, 2018, Google will make some small changes to the appearance of the Google sign-in page. Specifically, you might notice outlines around some entry fields, and changes to the spacing and styling of other text on both the web and mobile screens. The changes will start to take effect on November 27th and may take up to two weeks to reach all users.

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