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SaaS Updates Summary: March 9 – March 13

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Google released a number of updates last week, ranging from a beta for new Google Groups to changes in how you manage LSA and AR settings in the Admin console. Keep reading for all of last week’s SaaS updates.

Enroll Security Keys on More Devices
G Suite Updates | Google is making it easier to enroll security keys on Android and MacOS devices by making it possible to use additional web browsers to initially register the security keys to your account.

Create and Use Multiple Signatures in Gmail
G Suite Updates | It’s now possible to use multiple signatures in Gmail. Multiple signatures give you the flexibility to use different signatures for different situations.

Experience the New Google Groups, Launching in Beta
G Suite Updates | Later this year, Google will replace the current Google Groups interface with a new experience. Starting now, you can sign up to try the new experience in beta, giving your organization early access to the new UI and a head start on the migration from classic Groups.

Fix Images to a Certain Location on a Page in Google Docs
G Suite Updates | In Google Docs, you can now position an image in a fixed place, ensuring it stays in a certain spot on the page and is not disrupted by text and other elements.

Set Custom Table Ranges for Charts in Google Sheets
G Suite Updates | Google is improving the way data is suggested and how data is selected when creating a chart in Google Sheets. It’s now easier to locate and select the data you need when creating a dashboard over a dataset with slicers, pivot tables, charts, and more.

Important Changes to Less Secure Apps and Account Recovery Management in the Admin Console
G Suite Updates | Google is making some updates to how you manage less secure app (LSA) settings and account recovery (AR) settings in the Admin console.

Sort and Filter Cells by Text or Fill Color in Google Sheets
G Suite Updates | Google has added two additional parameters to filter and sort cells by in Google Sheets: text color and fill (background) color. Along with sorting by values and conditions, these filters make it easier and faster to find and surface relevant data in Sheets. This feature will be available on mobile and web.

New Interface for Domain Management in the Admin Console
G Suite Updates | Google has updated the interface you use to manage your primary domain, secondary domains, and domain aliases.

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