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SaaS Updates Summary: June 29 – July 3

BetterCloud Monitor

July 6, 2020

2 minute read

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Last week in the SaaS world, Microsoft introduced new OneDrive features (specifically, a “more flexible files experience”). Google recommended updating your G Suite desktop and mobile apps before August 12, 2020, since they’re making changes to their API and some apps may stop working. Check out these updates, plus more, below.

Update Your G Suite Mobile and Desktop Apps Before August 12, 2020, to Ensure They Continue Working
G Suite Updates | In 2018, Google began making changes to their API and service infrastructure to improve performance and security. As a result of these changes, some older versions of G Suite desktop and mobile apps may stop working on August 12, 2020. In particular, versions released prior to December 2018 may be impacted.

New Chart Axis Customization in Google Sheets: Tick Marks, Tick Spacing, and Axis Lines
G Suite Updates | Google is adding new features to help you customize chart axes in Google Sheets and better visualize your data in charts.

Filter Out Disruptive Noise in Google Meet
G Suite Updates | To help limit interruptions to your meeting, Google Meet can now intelligently filter out background noise like keyboard typing, doors opening and closing, and construction outside your window. Cloud-based AI is used to remove noise from your audio input while still letting your voice through.

Connected Sheets Now Generally Available, Replacing Sheets Data Connector
G Suite Updates | Google is making Connected Sheets generally available to G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers. Connected Sheets helps you analyze BigQuery data in Google Sheets.

Introducing New OneDrive Features to Share and Collaborate Across Work and Life
Microsoft 365 Blog | The OneDrive team is excited to announce new features that bring a more connected and flexible files experience to business users and more control to admins across Microsoft 365 along with a more personal touch to everyone at home.

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