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SaaS Updates Summary: June 22 – June 26

BetterCloud Monitor

June 29, 2020

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The biggest news last week: Say goodbye to email… maybe? Slack introduced Slack Connect, which allows up to 20 organizations to communicate in a single Slack channel. In other news, Microsoft started rolling out consumer features for its Teams apps on iOS and Android, and Google rolled out a handful of G Suite updates. Keep reading for all the details.

Use Google Voice and Google Fi, Now With the Same Account
G Suite Updates | Google Voice now works with Google Fi, so you can have separate Fi and Voice numbers on the same Google account. This means you can use different numbers for different purposes. When you set up forwarding in Google Voice or Google Fi, you’ll receive calls from both numbers in one central place.

Currents to Become Generally Available on July 6, 2020, Replacing Google+ for G Suite
G Suite Updates | At Google Cloud Next in 2019, Google launched Currents in beta. On July 6, 2020, they’ll make it generally available to G Suite customers.

Introducing New Features in Microsoft Teams to Connect You With Friends and Family—Now Available in Mobile Preview
Microsoft 365 Blog | New features designed for your personal life are beginning to roll out in preview to the Microsoft Teams mobile app.

Spanish Grammar Suggestions Now Available in Google Docs and Gmail
G Suite Updates | Google is expanding its advanced assistive writing features in Google Docs and Gmail to Spanish. Last year, they introduced grammar suggestions powered by neural-networks for the English language. Now, they’re using the same technology to provide grammar suggestions as you type in Spanish.

Update Calendar Interop Authentication with OAuth 2.0 to Continue Microsoft 365 Interop
G Suite Updates | Google is enabling OAuth 2.0 authentication support for Google Calendar Interop with Microsoft Exchange Online (Microsoft 365). Calendar Interop is a feature that lets you sync events and availability between Google Calendar and Exchange Online.

Introducing Slack Connect: The Future of Business Communication
Several People Are Typing | Introducing Slack Connect: a more secure and productive way for organizations to communicate together. Now, up to 20 organizations can come together in a single Slack channel, enabling customers to bring even more of their external ecosystem into Slack.

Coming Soon: Manage Google Chat and Classic Hangouts Chat Settings from One Place in the Admin Console
G Suite Updates | You’ll soon be able to manage all Google Chat and classic Hangouts chat-related settings from a single page in the Admin console. This follows the update Google made last year to combine several settings for Google Chat and classic Hangouts.

“Hey Google, Join My Meeting”: G Suite Meetings Now Supported on Nest Hub Max in Beta
G Suite Updates | Google just announced the availability of Google Meet on Nest Hub Max. Over the next few weeks this feature will be rolling out to G Suite domains enrolled in the G Suite with Google Assistant beta program.

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