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SaaS Updates Summary: July 18 – July 24

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It was another busy week for Google. Some of the more notable G Suite updates last week included a new trash feature for contacts, further app access control to block apps from any OAuth 2.0 scopes, and a suite iOS admin features. Learn more about these new features and more in the links below.

New Trash Feature in Google Contacts
G Suite Updates | When you delete a contact, it will go into Trash, where it will stay for 30 days before being permanently deleted. In that time, you can view, restore, or permanently delete the contact. Trash will contain contacts deleted on any device—web, Android, iOS, and more.

Block Apps From Accessing G Suite Data With App Access Control
G Suite Updates | Google rolled out an update to its app access control by allowing admins to block apps from accessing any OAuth 2.0 scopes. This should make it easier for IT teams to quickly restrict high-risk or compromised apps.

Simplify Management of Company-Owned iOS Devices With New Apple Business Manager Integration
G Suite Updates | This update covers a lot of ground, but notably: admins can manage company-owned iOS devices directly from the Admin console and control a wider range of features including app installation, Apple app usage, authentication methods, and more.

Say “Hey Google” to Do More With Your Voice on Google Meet Hardware Kits
G Suite Updates | To make meetings more seamless, all G Suite users can now simply say “Hey Google” to take action on a Google Meet hardware kit. This feature was previously available in beta on ASUS Google Meet hardware kits.

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