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SaaS Updates Summary: July 13 – July 17

BetterCloud Monitor

July 20, 2020

2 minute read

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Google and Microsoft launched several new features to enable professionals to balance their work (from home) and life balance. Some of the standouts included an updated Outlook app for Android users, new Google Meet security features for educators, and an Outlook calendar feature that combines your work and personal accounts. Learn more about these new features and more in the links below.

Improved Google Calendar Event Creation on the Web
G Suite Updates | Events fewer than 25 minutes will now better reflect the true duration of the event, occupying less space in your daily view. This change will also show in the printed version of your calendar.

Get More Control of Your Day With Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 Blog | Microsoft dropped quite a doozy on us yesterday when it announced several new 365 features geared at keeping us productive at home. Among them are a new Outlook app for Android, a new default to schedule all meetings online, and a simpler way to separate your personal time from your work time on your calendar.

Anonymous Users Will Be Blocked From Google Meet for G Suite for Education Meetings by Default
G Suite Updates | To increase the privacy of education meetings in Google Meet, anonymous users (users not signed into a Google account) can no longer join meetings organized by anyone with a G Suite for Education or G Suite Enterprise for Education license.

Coming Soon: An Integrated Workspace in G Suite to Help You Make the Most of Your Time
G Suite Updates | Google announced an upcoming workspace that combines Chat, Meet, and Gmail into one app on desktop and mobile. Its exact launch date is still uncertain, but this workspace will also feature third-party integrations with apps like DocuSign, Salesforce, and Trello.

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