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SaaS Updates Summary: July 10-July 14

BetterCloud Monitor

July 16, 2017

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Here’s the roundup of SaaS updates from last week. There are lots of exciting new G Suite updates. Plus, Microsoft unveiled Microsoft 365, a new way for businesses to purchase Office and Windows together.

Better Experience for SMS 2-Step Verification Users with Google Prompt

G Suite | Starting next week, 2-SV SMS users will see an invitation to try Google prompts when they sign in. The invitation will give users a way to preview the new Google prompts sign in flow instead of SMS, and, afterward, choose whether to keep it enabled or opt-out.

Introducing Box Elements, the Easiest Way to Build Apps with Box Platform

Box | Box introduced a completely new way to build apps with Box Platform with Box Elements. Box Elements are a set of modular components that allow you to bring the power of Box to any application and customize them to fit your needs.

Introducing Backup and Sync for Google Photos and Google Drive

Google | You probably keep your most important files and photos in different places—your computer, your phone, various SD cards, and that digital camera you use from time to time. It can be a challenge to keep all these things safe, backed up, and organized, so Google introduced Backup and Sync. It’s a simpler, speedier and more reliable way to protect the files and photos that mean the most to you.

Set Automated Rules for Mobile Devices to Protect Your Data

G Suite | Google has released new device rules for Mobile Management that provide better proactive management of mobile devices within your domain.

Redesigned Navigation, Conversations and Search in Outlook for iOS and Android

Office 365 | Microsoft launched exciting new changes to Outlook on iOS and Android. It’s the Outlook you know and love, with a redesigned conversation experience and the ability to quickly switch between accounts and browse folders.

Improve Your Sales Productivity with Salesforce and Asana Integration

Slack | Improve Your Sales Productivity with Salesforce and Asana Integration

Adding New Google+ Metrics to the Admin Console and Reports API to Better Track Usage and Adoption at the User Level

G Suite | Google added Google+ user activity data to the auditing section of the Admin console, as well as to the Reports API to help you get a better sense of the total usage of the product within your organization.

More Than Messaging: A Thousand Apps, Developer Growth, and a New Home for Apps in Slack

Slack | Slack now boasts more than 1,000 apps and a developer network of 155,000 people. This post also highlights Slack’s growing collaboration with Google.

Introducing 7 New Slack Fund Companies

Slack | Meet the new Slack Fund companies: Polly, Neva, Drafted, StdLib, Loom, PinPT Software, and Parabol.

Introducing Microsoft 365

Microsoft | Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unveiled Microsoft 365, “which brings together Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, delivering a complete, intelligent and secure solution to empower employees.” According to Microsoft, “it represents a fundamental shift in how we will design, build and go to market to address our customers’ needs for a modern workplace.”

New Business Apps in Office 365 Business Premium Help You Run and Grow Your Small Business

Office 365 | “Microsoft announces the following three new apps for small businesses: 1) Microsoft Connections: A simple-to-use email marketing service. 2) Microsoft Listings: An easy way to publish your business information on top sites. 3) Microsoft Invoicing: A new way to create professional invoices and get paid fast.”

Smarter Google Forms to Save You Time

G Suite | New Form features include: 1) Intelligent response validation, 2) Cross-domain file uploads, 3) Preferences, 4) “Checkbox grid” questions, and 5) Section reordering.

PAIR: the People + AI Research Initiative

Google | PAIR’s research is divided into three areas, based on different user needs: 1) Engineers and researchers: AI is built by people. How might we make it easier for engineers to build and understand machine learning systems? What educational materials and practical tools do they need? 2) Domain experts: How can AI aid and augment professionals in their work? How might we support doctors, technicians, designers, farmers, and musicians as they increasingly use AI? and 3) Everyday users: How might we ensure machine learning is inclusive, so everyone can benefit from breakthroughs in AI? Can design thinking open up entirely new AI applications? Can we democratize the technology behind AI?